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Forest Vista Elementary fifth-graders travel to the Cameron Park Zoo and Inner Space Cavern with Education in Action’s “Water Rocks” program

February 14, 2012

Fifth-grade students from Forest Vista Elementary during their "Water Rocks" learning day program.

Lewisville ISD fifth-grade teachers at Forest Vista Elementary took their classrooms on the road with Education in Action’s “Water Rocks” experiential learning day program, Feb. 9. The students visited Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo and Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown to experience what they are learning in fifth-grade science.

At the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, students explored the Brazos River Country exhibit, tracking the Brazos River from its source near Lubbock, on to the Gulf of Mexico. Students investigated many animals living in the five ecological regions of Texas through which the Brazos River passes with a focus on each animal’s unique adaptations and ecological niche.

Throughout the day, the students participated in numerous hands-on activities to learn about many of the Earth’s cycles, systems and processes. Students learned about the water cycle and the beneficial function of the world’s wetlands through participation in a watershed model demonstration. The students took on the role of scientists as they discussed the rock cycle and worked in groups to classify rock, mineral and fossil samples. At Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, a Mineral Dig provided students with the opportunity to pan for, and identify, minerals that could all be found in the cavern. The students concluded their day by experiencing, first-hand, many of the Earth’s processes at work as they toured Inner Space Cavern, a highly decorated cavern with all types of formations, large and small.

“Education in Action’s programs are based on the understanding that the most effective way for students to learn is through experience,” stated Jennifer Pasteur, Education in Action’s Executive Director. “Student activities during Education in Action’s “Water Rocks” programs reinforce and supplement fifth-grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills science learning objectives in a fun, hands-on way that helps the students synthesize content taught in the classroom.”

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  1. educationinaction permalink
    February 16, 2012 1:23 am

    Thank you for the opportunity to work with your staff and students last week and the past four school years! It’s a pleasure to take your school on the “Water Rocks” program and we’re already looking forward to seeing you all again next year!
    Education in Action Staff

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